Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Untitled, maker unknown
Lisu Necklace

Untitled, maker unknown
Bracelet from India

Maker unknown, 19th-20th century
Miao neckpiece from Guizhou Province, China

Untitled, maker unknown
Neckpiece from Gujarat, India

Untitled, maker unknown
Miao necklaces from China

Untitled, maker unknown
Miao necklaces from China (detail)


Holy Moly.

I have totally been hiding away, working, working, working. No complaints here....I love what I do. BUT, I also love frolicking around in beautiful 75 degree weather!

That being said, when things calm dawn, I have to make it to make it to the Museum of Art and Design to see their Portable Treasuries show. Jewelry collectors, Daniel and Serga Nadler have lent part of their extensive silver collection to the museum. The pieces stem from North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and Southeast Asia...and they are absolutely TO DIE FOR.

Just check out those beauts above. I'm drooling.

And check out the show...it's up until August 8.

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