Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I can't help but cringe a little. This piece spawns the same feeling I get when I see people reading Kindles on the train.

Almost as a period to the general acceptance that BOOKS AS WE KNOW THEM are becoming extinct, Lula Dot (the design studio of Lucy Norman) has created Light Reading, a light fixture made from recycled books. However, as sad as it makes me that the art form of book design is fading (I'm as much of a book lover as I am an art lover), I simply can't deny the beauty of this piece.

Perhaps this is a way of putting THE BOOK on a pedastal...a way of honoring it. I can imagine the pages fluttering gently when a fan is placed nearby, or when a window is opened. Lovely.

What are your thoughts on Light Reading?

(P.S. Kindles save trees. I know, I know...)

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