Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Based in Houston, Texas, street artist 2:12 creates beautiful, yet arresting imagery on walls of buildings and street signage. Unlike other examples of street art, what makes 2:12's work unique is that it feels like the artist spends a lot of time on each piece. Shadows on skin, folds of fabric, reflections on hair...each detail makes his pieces feel like they should be hanging on a gallery wall. Lucky for us (or for Texas residents, anyway), his work is viewable by anyone on their way to the corner store or bus stop.

The top image is an installation that was inspired by a mere hole in a wall. His mark is left on those tile-looking pieces below the altar.


Check out a time lapse video that chronicles the making of Geisha:

See more of 2:12's work here.


  1. What??? The creation of the Geisha is A-Mazing! And the music, even more so!

  2. I's insane, right? All of those layers of paint and it.