Monday, March 15, 2010


Well, I suppose it was more of a "path" than a "sidewalk", but you get the point.

Last week, I found myself slightly (totally) overwhelmed. Work was extremely busy, and by Thursday afternoon, I desperately needed a break. I found an hour in my schedule to walk over to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which I'm very lucky to live near.

It's still officially winter, so not much was in bloom. Grey and overcast skies were making it feel more like January than March. What I did happen upon were a few patches of these gloriously lavender-hued flowers, sprouting out of the ground in large numbers. The tiny purple specks against the muddy brown soil made for quite a startling scene.

The message? Spring is around the corner, my fellow New Yorkers....
if these brave little guys have anything to say about it.

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