Saturday, August 14, 2010


The Lagoon is Gone, 2010

"A 200-page investigation on the Sleepy Lagoon Murder case, which began on August 2, 1942, when the body of Jose Diaz was found at a reservoir in southeast Los Angeles. Press hysteria and bigotry fueled the arrest of up to 600 Mexican American youths and guided a trial in which the judge and prosecutors displayed routine disregard for fundamental civil rights. Despite a complete lack of evidence, including no proof that Diaz had in fact been murdered, twelve defendants were convicted of murder and five were convicted of assault and sent to prison. This was one of the events which lead to the infamous Zoot Suit Riots in LA." – (From Eric Hu's website)

Swirly, watery type coupled with noisy, distressed photos help to tell Diaz's story, as Hu manages to escape the dangerous territory of making this book too cute for its subject matter. Its serious tone comes through in the color choices and bold, sparse type.

Well done, Hu. Wellll done.

See more on his site.

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