Friday, August 13, 2010


Snake diagram for worship, by Ganga Devi, Nagapanchami festival, 1987-88

Unfortunately, I can't find much info on Ganga Devi herself, but it seems that her style of Indian painting, Madhubani (or Mithila), is quite intriguing. 

Stemming out of an area close to the Indian-Nepal border, this art form was originally practiced by women only, but in current times has expanded to include men. Mithila artists decorate their huts during religious and important social occasions. For instance, when a couple marries, the walls of a room are painted with fertility symbols: lotus flowers, fish, snakes and birds in union, bamboo, etc. The couple spends 3 nights in this room without being intimate...only consummating on the 4th night.


Read more about the history and methods of Mithila painting here

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