Saturday, February 6, 2010


I treated myself today. 

MoMA had an Art Book Swap, where I was able to score FOURTEEN NEW ART BOOKS. Well, not actually new...but new to me. :) The deal is that if you bring a book, you get a book. There are piles upon piles to choose from and if you have the patience, its totally worth the hunt. 

The event happens several times a year, in various locations across the US – this was the first one held in NY. To top it all off, I was actually rewarded for being lethargic on this cold, snowy day. I came an hour before it closed, and the deal became 2-for-1. So, I brought seven and walked away with fourteen! Woot woot.

One of the books I came across was by a Finnish illustrator named Klaus Haapaniemi, called Monsters. I instantly fell in lust. It turns out that he's with Big Active, a super-cool design and art collective based in the UK (they're one of my favorites). 

Above are examples of his work, outside of Monsters. See more from the book here.

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