Sunday, October 18, 2009


So, the revitalization of "Project-Reorganize-My-Apartment/Office/Entertainment Space/Youth Hostel-So-I-Can-Regain-Control-Of-My-Sanity" officially took flight tonight, with the installation of Ikea shelves.

Currently, I'm hiding out in the bedroom, trying to shield myself from the tornado that has become my living room. I have a pretty large collection of art books and magazines that I can never seem to trim down, and they're all strewn about my apartment at the moment, as I decide what goes where. I always feel like I want to hold on to these reference pieces for future inspiration. Tonight, I unearthed an old issue of the NY Times Magazine, from December 2008. 

This luscious cover design was illustrated by Nancy Harris Rouemy, and the actual typeface design was created by Patrick Griffin/Canada Type. Once I pulled it from the pile, I was reminded why I decided to hold on to it in the first place. 

The colors...the's whimsical, yet very sensual. I mean, take a look at "Heston" in the middle of the page. WOW-ee! And don't even get me started on the "A" in "Agee". If I could cat-call, I would! 

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